Electronic Components

A. General sourcing and procurement of a large variety of active, passive, and electromechanical components, defense industry related military equipments

B. Defense Industry related components, equipments, and systems:

  • Radar and Missile systems:

Acquisition and tracking radar, Hawk & Nike missile system, Sidewinder, Vulcan and MANPAD systems.

  • Command and control systems:

Fire control system. Field artillery computer systems

  • Electronic Warfare systems:

Aircraft or shipboard electronic warfare system.

  • Underwater Systems:

XK 731 torpedo System, acoustic signal detection and guidance control system.

  • Test and Measuring equipments:

Analog oscilloscope, digital storage oscilloscope, frequency counter, function generators and digital multimeter and others.

C. Provides in-house inventory

Medical Equipments

A. E-Med Silkpeel Systems:

  • Exclusive Distributor for Asian region.
  • Provides the topical solutions, and accessories for Asian region.

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Bluetooth devices

A. Seecode America

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